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Competitive Positioning : What is the USP (Unique selling proposition) of your product or service? What sets you different from your competitors? What value you provide that others do not? Why prospects should come to you rather than your alternatives? If you can answer these questions in positive, you can make a difference in the current market. This is all about making a space for yourself in the current competitive landscape.

Before marketing your products & services you need to have a proper strategy and a good strategy includes…
– Study of market, competitors, scope of growth
– Group of prospect customers with similar requirements & needs
– Strengths, weeknesses, opportunities, threats in the current market
– Value that you will add in the current market

Once the market understands that you are delivering something different & better than your comptition, it will be easy to generate new prospects & guide them to buy. Without a differenciation, it is very difficult to covince your prospects why they should chose you. As a result, you often end up competing on prices which is a touch position to sustain for long.

Your competitive positioning strategy is very important when you are starting a new company or looking to expand.

Brand Strategy : Once you have developed a positioning strategy, now is the time to develop a brand strategy for your products which helps you every time you touch the market. This is the essential building block of your organization. In Designing Labs we understand that a brand is not only about your logo, a slogan or a color scheme but its the entire experience that your prospects and clients will have with your organization. Our team of analysts understand that brand is the image that you convey to the market, the message you deliver, the way your employees interact with prospects and way the customers react with you.

Branding is very important for an organization as it is the tool that tells your prospects and clients that why they should buy your product. Successful branding creates “Brand Equity” – it is the amount that customers are willing to pay just because of your brand. Instead of money, the brand makes your company valuable in the long term.

We at Designing Labs, create a brand strategy for you that will stand like a person with a distinct personality for your organization who will convey all the messages that your company has to delver. Our designing team is so experienced that it will use graphics, fonts, colors, etc that will suit your company personality and make sure that your brand “lives” within your company.

Marketing Plans : Advertisement Agency Delhi has a marketing plan that will be a complete road map that will outline all your marketing strategies, tactics, marketing activities, cost involved and projected results for a given time. This will keep the marketing team focussed. Our marketing plan typically includes…
– Financial goals
– Brand strategy
– Product or service overview
– Sales plan
– Major marketing events
– Detailed budget


Naming : Naming your organization is very important as it will create the complete image in minds of your customers. Selection of name is very important task and it can be the name of your founder, describe what you do, an experience, a word out of context or a make up word. This is very challenging work because there are already about 25million copyrighted businesses just in the USA so you have to find a new one. We also think of a name with the internet point of view as you should get a URL also of your choice and some experts believe that 98% of the dictionary words have already bieng registered. But nothng has stopped us finding a good brand name for you.

Corporate identity : When someone hands over an impressive business card you surely give a close look and generate a certain impression about that company. A corporate identity is an extension of your branding that includes your logo, name, slogan, etc.

Many companies who are startup or planning for a make over, spend time & money to build a corporate identity. Each element like business card, envelope, letter head, mailing labels, email templates, email signatures, fax covers, proposals, invoices, signages, promotional items, etc. that your proepects look so often create an impression in their mind. So why not to make the best corporate identity for your organization and create best impression & confidence in the minds of clients.

Sales & Promotion Tools : Ad Agency Delhi help you develop tools that convey your message to the world. Sales literature & tools help you communicate with your prospects & customers. They are also called “collateral” & “marketing communications”. Some of them are corporate brochures, product catalogues & data sheets, multimedia presentations, websites, email newsletters, etc.

These tools carry a lot of information, reinforce your braning & create a long term impression. Good sales tools are always integrated with your sales & marketing process. Your sales tool can help your prospect to quickly understand your message, take dicision and move forward on to the next step.

How to generate customers?
We are in top in list of Advertising Agency in Delhi and help you generate new customers through business development, telemarketing, email marketing, sms marketing, search engine marketing, internet marketing, trade shows and exhibitions, traditional media, hoarding advertising, etc.